Difference between UW-Madison (101) and Extension (104) fund reallocation

At this stage of the college’s Organizational Redesign, budget discussions are focused on UW-Madison funding. Also known by its fund number (101), these 101 dollars are distributed to UW-Madison by UW System and include all state-controlled funds (tuition and tax revenues). Fund 101 represents UW-Madison’s core state public funding, which is used to support the core teaching, research and outreach missions of UW-Madison.

UW Extension (UWEX), as a separate campus, also receives core funding from UW System, referred to as fund 104 dollars. A portion of UW Extension’s 104 funds are transferred to UW-Madison through an inter-institutional agreement (IIA) to carry out specific activities related to Cooperative Extension programs or continuing education goals. The Division of Continuing Studies at UW-Madison manages the UWEX continuing education funding for our campus.

In FY18 (June 1, 2017 – July 31, 2018), CALS received $9M of the total $12.1M funding that was transferred from Cooperative Extension to UW-Madison, the largest amount of any school or college within UW System. Those funds partially support 40 faculty and 50 academic staff within CALS, a total of 59 FTE. Because of the nature of this relationship, when a faculty or academic staff with any level of Cooperative Extension appointment position leaves CALS, the funds they are paid on are not automatically reallocated, rather, filling cooperative extension appointments is a collaborative process between CALS and Cooperative Extension. CALS Associate Dean for Extension and Outreach Doug Reinemann works closely with the leaders within Cooperative Extension to negotiate for appropriate levels of funding in CALS. This is an annual process.

Because these 104 funds are held outside of the college, Extension funding must be considered separately from the core 101 funds CALS receives. For all of these reasons, at this early stage of the CALS redesign, the focus is on 101 funding. Associate Dean Reinemann is working on a process to request Cooperative Extension funding for positions. Updates on that process will be available in future editions of eCALS.