Documents and information available

Desired Outcomes for Achieving Robust Departments summarizes ideal characteristics of strong departments within CALS. During the redesign, departments should consider how to achieve these outcomes.

Exploring Options for Departmental Structure and Developing a Concept Document outlines organizational options for departments, a timeline and tips for navigating phase one, and a template for developing a concept document.

Departments can use the Template for Departmental Structure Concept Document to summarize their concepts for organizational redesign.

The dean will make redesign recommendation to each CALS department based on metrics. During the first phase of implementation, metrics will include:

  • Total faculty FTEs (all funding sources)
  • Total budgeted funds, which is the sum of:
    • Total adjusted 101 funding
    • Total Extension funding (104+143 funds)
  • Total grant expenditures
  • Total grant expenditures divided by total budgeted funds
  • Total fall + spring CFI, by department
  • Total fall + spring CFI/total adjusted 101, by department
  • Undergraduate degrees divided by year, by program
  • Fall undergraduate enrollment, by program

Policies and procedures for allocating salary savings from vacated faculty positions will be shared in April.